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November 11, 2012
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I hate Star Wars prequel trilogy haters stamp by KindGenius I hate Star Wars prequel trilogy haters stamp by KindGenius
I've come up with another stamp!Sorry this one is a bit outspoken,just the topic it is about has troubled me for so much time,and I decided just to spit it out as it is without trying not to hurt anyone(because those dumb prequel haters had already hurt me with their hate art many times).I usually avoid hate,but this thing is what I can't stand.
Dear prequel haters,or original trilogy purists,or how do you call yourself(either way,I don't care)!Can't you just shut up about your hate and let those who like prequels enjoy them?Stop making hate art and spoiling mood to those who like prequels.Stop writing huge critical reviews,they won't change anyone's opinion,instead you just look more whiny than you think Anakin is.Criticising the prequels(as is Twilight,or the Matrix sequels,or any other fandom) does not make you a great critic.Understand that even the best films have their own flaws and quirks,but why should it be the only reason to hate them?Actually,if there wasn't your hate art,I would've never hated you and this stamp would've never existed(or at least,would've never been published).
I started being a Star Wars fan from the prequels.The first SW film I saw was The Phantom Menace.If it was as crap as you say,I would've thrown out my DVD with it into a litter bin.But I didn't.I really enjoyed TPM,I liked the plot and the characters.Even though the ending was a bit darkened for me because of Qui-Gon's death,I liked it.I started to wonder what happens next,and I watched Attack Of The Clones(which is my fave episode) and Revenge Of The Sith.I remember how I almost cried when Anakin turned to the Dark Side.Then I watched the 4th and 5th episode.I also liked Luke,Leia and Han.Unfortunately,I couldn't find ROTJ in shops,and for some months I lived wondering how it all ended and what did the title "Return Of The Jedi" meant.Among my theories about the last one were return of Anakin to the Light Side,Luke's mastery of the Jedi arts(and I was right about this),or even Obi-Wan's or Qui-Gon's return(I know it's silly,but,according to Yoda in Episode 3,Qui-Gon discovered immortality,so I,not knowing that it's only an ability to commune with people from the netherworld,thought it was possible).That was until I found Wookipedia and read about what happened in Episode 6.I was glad for Luke,I was glad for Anakin(even though he died,he was on the Light Side again and I was glad about that).So far I watched ROTJ,and my happiness doubled.All this time I liked all the films,despite the flaws that they had('cause the original trilogy had it's flaws as well).I'm a huge SW fan,and I can say that I like ALL the Star Wars films equally.
So now I'll explain all the points because of which you hate:
General plot:
Most of you don't like it because it's a political drama or because it has romance.Understand:not all stories are about running and shooting,or about fluff and friendship.And the fact you don't like political drama doesn't make the stories of this kind bad.I've seen a similar case with my another fandom-Avatar:The Last Airbender.When The Promise comics come out,there were lots of bad opinions about it just because it's a political drama and not a fluff story.After watching at all of this,I decided to read The Promise and see why they hate it.After I finished,I had mixed feelings.I didn't understand why people hate it because I actually enjoyed it(yes,you may call me a wimpy philosopher,and I don't think it's such a big flaw).Just because you don't like a certain genre/kind of stories,it's not a reason to call them bad.About the romance:lots of movies have it,and it's not a flaw(sometimes it's even good).As for me,I actually liked the romance between Anakin and Padme(and even more,they're one of my favourite couples).If you just don't like romance in movies,I'll remind you that in the original trilogy there also was a romance between Han and Leia.If you're just a Darth Vader fangirl and you envy Padme,it's not a reason to hate the prequels.
About Anakin being an emo:
Yes,he is an emo.But if he didn't,there would be no Darth Vader.Besides,weren't it you who said that a character must have flaws or else he would become a Mary Sue(however,I personally don't have anything against Mary Sues)?I'm sure that if he wasn't an emo,you would first call him a Gary Stu,and when he turned to the Dark Side you would've accused George Lucas in lack of reasons for it.And stop blaming the actor(forgot his name) for not playing well.Anakin was meant to be an emo.If Anakin wasn't an emo,there would be no reason for him to become Darth Vader(unless he would've been a maniacal or power hungry kid from his childhood,but I don't think Qui-Gon would be stupid enough to take him to the Jedi Order then).
About Jar Jar:
I personally don't understand why you hate him guys.Yes,he is stupid,but he was made for a comic relief and kids' amusement.He just softens the "everything is bad" atmosphere in TPM.If there was no Jar Jar,it would be like this:the Trade Federation invaded Naboo,everything is bad,the Sith Lord shows up,everything is bad,Anakin is rejected in training,everything is bad,the Queen has no army,everything is bad,the Sith Lord is killed,but Qui-Gon is dead,everything is bad...I'm not sure if I want to see this(I know that there are different edits of TPM,but I don't watch them and don't even want to).Besides,if there were no gungans in the movie at all,I'm not sure if Obi-Wan survived either.And,in Episode 6,it look weird to me when Ewoks,the small teddy bears with no technology,took down the whole Imperial batallion.Gungans at least had technologies.
The next explanations are about characters,whom the prequel haters hate for reasons that I don't understand.
Why do they hate Padme?
I don't understand.If you hate her because she loves Anakin(which led him to the Dark Side),the answer was right in the movies.In AOTC,after telling Padme about his love to her,he said:"I wish I could just wish away my feelings,but I can't.".That is a clear answer!A true love is not something you can so easily overcome or cancel.No matter how hard you try to take it away,you can't do it so easily,it requires a great strength to do this,and sometimes it takes years to do.And it's not a surprise Anakin was so worried about her when he started having nightmares about he.If you ever broke up with your BF/GF,sorry for an intimate question,but how long did it take for you to overcome the pain of loss?If you answer 2 weeks,or month,or even half a year,I can say that you never loved him or her really(sorry for saying such rash words).Only someone who never loved can let go so easily,without a pain.I really know that.The same thing is with Anakin.He can't let her die so simply because he loves her.That's all the tragedy.He betrays his ideals to save his love,and,unfortunately,it is this betrayal that kills her.
And why do they hate Qui-Gon?
Yes,he found Anakin.But he died long before he could even suspect something like this would happen.I know that he didn't listen the Council.But still,Yoda said that Anakin's future was clouded.It wasn't bad or good.It depended on Anakin's decicion(because I really believe that our future depends on our present decicions).He had both good and bad side.He could either choose to sacrifise Padme for the Galaxy,or sacrifise the Galaxy for Padme.And unfortunately the second sacrifise he made led to her death.The only person I think we should blame in the appearance of Darth Vader is Palpatine(aka Darth Sidious),who manipulated the Council and Anakin.However,the Council also should've forseen this when sending Anakin to spy on Palpatine.
Now,I hope my explanations are clear,and you got some sense.I still like all the movies.You can bully me,but such comments would be simply ignored and hidden.Don't try to persuade me,it's useless,'cause I'm too stubborn to change my opinion.By trying to persuade me,you will only create a headache for me and yourself.Sorry if I offended you,just it's a hurtful topic for me.End of story,goodbye etc.
P.S.Instead of hate,you'd better practice your grammar.Because it's "prequels",not "prequals",as many of you type.
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Caleb-F-Bear Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate people that can't handle the fact that people have different opinions. :)
Rose3212 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The prequels are awesome!
AlexGamer9000 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Student General Artist
I don't hate the prequels.
Toadmushroom95 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
I love the prequels. Thumbs Up 
YugiohPonyAvengers Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Student Writer
This is why I don't like Star Wars as much as I did as a kid. It's because of these prequel haters and rabid fanboys!
KindGenius Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
IMO it' s much worse in Harry Potter fandom. I loved that universe when I was 10, I imagined myself as a character in those books,  how I would meet the characters and how I would affect the events described in books. At that time I didn' t have the Internet( Which, perhaps, was for the better, because if I had the Internet back then, I might have become one of those crappy romance fanfiction writers. Well, I can' t say my writing is perfect right now either, but at least I can separate the good fanfiction from the crappy one, and try not to write the latter. ) , so I haven' t seen all the rabid fangirls and slash writers. I didn' t have the Internet until I turned 13, and by that age I already knew the difference between good artistic writing and bad one. So, when I got the Internet, soon I found out what fanart is. Then I started searching fanart about Harry Potter hoping to catch another glimpse on the universe I loved, but instead I saw a vile parody of it, which is filled with slash, perversion and characters who seem familiar, but act like totally different people( In fact, in most fan art they don' t act like humans at all. The majority of people are mad disgusting perverts, but not to such degree) . I was very disappointed. After these things started catch my eyes on forums( because there is so much of this shit) , I started hating the fans, because those idiots give my fandom a bad name. Of course, as my newbie time passed, my hatered cooled down, but I am still disgusted by what they do.
Kegger98 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
I think there more to these complaints.

1. I proably appreciate the political stuff more then I think, but I don't think they integrated it that well. They just sorta put it in, and the scenes felt they had no weight and it's not in the story long enough, in a story already with too many things going on. But, that's debatable (HA!), I think the main reason it's disliked is because it doesn't feel like Star Wars. Whenever someone complains that dark knight was just a detective drama, they forget that batman is a detective and works with the police, makes sense it's there. Star Wars though was an adventure trilogy, lots of action, the prequels though, weren't so. Like I said above, they didn't ease people into people expecting more action. I don't know, just my theory.

2. Yeah it made sense,but he mostly just sounded bored or Whitney, there's needs to more emotion to a character that becomes darth vader.

3.Jar jar on the other hand, was completely uneccisary. Whenever the originals tried to be funny or cute, they had there own scenes, they didn't cut into moments that where meant to be dramatic, completely rendering any atmosphere useless. Also, besides the gun guns to the rescue, he didn't do much besides step in shit and scream. 

4.That's easy to answer. Luke a lea needed a mother, and I thought how thy set it up, while the dialouge was cheesy and you have to pay attention to see the chemistry, was fine. The hate, I think,comes from the ending of episode 3. So she's dying from a loss of a will to live? Does she not care about her children? Also, while I do believe you can die from a loss of will to live, you need something to actually be wrong with you.

5.Beats me.
DinoLover09 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Meesa loved the prequels, especially The Phantom Menace, because of one character. :iconjarjarplz:  Meesa no even carrren about Star Wars till mesa saw Jar Jar. Itsa because'a Jar Jar dat meesa got into Star Wars in dee first place'n.  And not just Jar Jar, but his whole species, are the only humanoids that resemble the creatures meesa loven the most: dinosaurs!
AlphaGirl404 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
I loved all the prequels (though i do admit episode 2 was kinda weak:P)
RowdyRocks909 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
I loved the prequels! 
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