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 So, I' m back. In case you're wondering where have I been so long, I lost the password to this account and couldn't recover it because my email demanded my phone number( which is something I never give to online services). I could only visit this account from my old phone, and I could only fave and write comments, but had no access to my PM. Anyway, right now I have retaken full control of my account( which, funnily enough, has to happen on my 18th birthday), and I have to make an announcement: I' m leaving this account. I wanted to do this long ago, but the whole password thing kinda stopped me from doing so, because I couldn't clean this account up. Why am I leaving? Because in these years I've changed a lot, and I want so start from a blank sheet without unnecessary associations from the past. If anyone I know from this account still wants to communicate with me despite the total asshole that I used to be, note me and I'll give you a link my new account.
 What will happen to things I posted here? Well, some of them( deemed more obnoxious by me) will be deleted, others will be moved to scraps, some will still be left here. My old mods won't be affected though, judging from the feedback they got. I will also occasionally come back here to provide support concerning these mods. However, nothing new will be posted here anymore, and I will not reply on any other projects.
 All right, I guess that's all I can say. Now let's get to cleaning up this mess, the sooner I start, the sooner I finish. And today I burn in my personal hell of old shame.



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MrEmerik2000Revenge Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
i downloaded kunx tails blaze amy & sliver from yours but BanneraGirlBunny's sonic sims mod were all gone
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015

“* Warning! This deviation contains hate!*”


Actually, it contains butthurt, little girl. LOL XD

“Also, this deviation has very long describtion, so if you wanna skip it and proceed to the file, scroll the describtion to it' s end.”…

“Yes, I hate RedLetterMedia. In fact, I never particularly liked them at all. When I found out about them first, I was like " Oh, another prequel hater, I' ve got better things to do than pay attention to this mess. " . Then, I found that trough the web, people literally praise their TPM review. I never read reviews myself, I' m good enough to make up my own opinion about the film without them and write a review myself in case I want it. One evening, out of pure curiosity, I opened that damn review. Holy crap, I' ve never seen anything more dull! The humor of the reviewer is lame, some points are really dumb, it all is boring and made with one purpose: to bash a film. Plus the subjectiveness of the author' s comments.”


One can easily say the same about every single post you have ever made, so nice projection there, little girl. XD

“From my point of view, many critics do some serious mistakes while watching the subject of their criticism: they watch it, trying to notice even the most minor flaws, and when they' re writing a review, they are trying to emphatize on them as much as they can.”


Lack of examples and evidence kills your credibility, little girl. :)


“It' s not how it should be: when the the regular viewers watch the film, they use their heart to percept it, not cold logic( unless it' s a detective) . They watch it trying to enjoy it, not find flaws.”


No, they do not use their hearts, they use their minds. Also, real logic is not cold, it is hardcore. Apparently you cannot handle it, little girl.


In a bad film one does not have to dig for flaws, the flaws present themselves. :)


“I felt totally comfortable when I watched TPM the first time. I can' t say the same about, for example, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows( either part) .When I read the book, I felt different. Maybe my perception is slightly different, but when i watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher' s Stone( still remains one of my faves) , I feel like I' m back in the good old times when I was a little girl, and I read the book the first time. What I can' t say about The Deathly Hallows. It had some good moments, but still, it felt wrong as I percept it( because really right and wrong are relative, but we won' t get into pliosophy) . Though the book itself was very dark, it still had hopes of light sometimes, there was a contrast between this light and the coming darkness. In the film, everything was just plain gloomy and pessimistic, the darkness is everywhere( except for some few moments, but they were not enough to make a contrast which was in the book) . I wanted to say " Come on, we' re shooting Harry Potter, not Hamlet or some tragedy" . But enough with Harry Potter.”…


“What I' m trying to say is that the reviewer must feel this film like a regular viewer, not just plain observing it like some detective observing the suspect, and a review itself must be a characteristic, not a bash.”


That is the job of a critic, little girl. Grow up and taste reality and take the scrutiny like a good little girl. :)


“While the reviewer may still point out the views if they' re present. But the key there is not to mix objective criticism with personal opinion( which RLM does) .”


You do realize that Harry Plinkett is a CHARACTER and is over-exaggerated for entertainment purposes, little girl?

“Objective and subjective are things not to be mixed. If the writer is to express their subjective point of view, they write such phrases: " I think..." , " On my opinion..." , " From my point of view... " , " I believe... " etc. They split subjective and objective matters. Example: " The main character did this and this. I personally think this is illogical" . I am not a native English speaker, yet my teacher managed to teach me this. After all, the reviewer is not the character, nor they are they author. They may not understand something.”…


“On my opinion, subjectiveness is a sign of unproffesionalism in mass media.”


Even though, in truth, this could not be further from fact, little girl. :)


“Same is for history. I mean, there should be " It was like this, and this, and this. On my opinion, it' s bad. " , not " It was like this, and this, and this, and it' s bad" . No putting labels or definitions. Tell it like it is, without giving it an evaluation. Let the readers or watcher make their own evaluations. If you want to make an evaluation, split it from the main text and let other' s know it' s still your subjective opinion, not an absolute. Subjectiveness is the main reason why the lines above about Harry Potter will never become a movie review, and this whole post will never become an article. They' re subjective, just my opinion.”


People can still have their own evaluations, even after seeing a review, that is how subjectivity really works. Read a book, little girl.

“Like I said, TPM gave me no reason to feel wrong or uncomfortable. But that' s my opinion. If someone wants to criticise TPM, you' re free to do it, but do it well, so the review won' t have more flaws than the movie itself. On my opinion, what RLM did on TPM was very low - quality.”

You truly are a contradictive idiot, little girl. You say you have no problem with people criticizing films you like, yet you hate when they criticize it, which is what RLM does for a living. You are an idiot. :)


“Like I said, many things in this world are subjective, but what I' m talking about are common rules of formal language. I skipped it on the 5th minute, and went to see another episode of Tron: Uprising. I never regretted skipping it, and the more I thought of a review, the more I thought of the guy who made it as a bullshitter( sorry, fans, but that' s what I think) .”


More irrelevant nonsense. Stay on topic, little girl.


“The more I saw people praising the review, the more my frustration grew.”…


T”he RLM reviews I seen, I became more and more angry. What was frustrating me is that RLM don' t even know how to do a review, or at least, an article properly, yet everyone they' re the best, because they' re " fun to watch" . Review is not a comedy show. If you want to laugh at something, watch a comedy, or at least seek some demotivational posters around the web.If you want to b*tch( for a lack of a better word) about how bad something is, you can call a friend so you can do this together, or at least b*tch in your post( like I do now) .”


The internet’s response to you is……


Reviews on the internet CAN be comedy, you just have no idea how to take a joke, little girl. Now bend over and take everyone’s bashings of your films like a good little girl. :)

“I bottled my disgust up until this morning. Now I' m fed up with this, and I declare war to RedLetterMedia. Yes, it' s terribly immature, but I still like to do immature things from time to time, especially now, when my hatred bomb towards RLM has finally blown up!”


Have fun being the next Eric Douglace and being troll-bait for the rest of your life, little girl. :)


Cutting the rest because it is repeated fangirl masturbation.
Krysella Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Thanks for the fave! :hooray:
MYthology1 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Have you seen this Alien video yet? I thought it was pretty funny.…
KindGenius Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh yeah, seen that one. Bishop is one evil motherfucker in this one.
MYthology1 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Student General Artist
At least Bishop takes it all in stride, much more forgiving than the android in Prometheus. 
KindGenius Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, yeah. Much kinder than that one. Still, leaving those whom it was one's duty to protect isn't exactly the most altruistic thing either.
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Mayo-san Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the fav. :)
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Thanks for faving! :D
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Hi there! Thanks a lot for the favorite!
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